So thrilled

Just thought I would drop you a line and let you know that Mike got an A in his Maths GCSE result today!! He’s so thrilled and means he is able to do his A levels in sciences and Maths now as he also did well in his other subjects getting six A’s in all and an additional three B’s. I would like to thank you again for all your hard work with Mike, you took him from an E/D grade to an A! If you ever need a recommendation for any future clients I will be only too pleased to help.

I feel good and confident

I just wanted to send you a message to tell you that my second math exam went much better than the first one! I was so relieved and I feel good and confident about it. Thank you so much once again for all your kind and thorough help. I really appreciate all the hours and extra free minutes you spent to help me with my final school exams. If I ever have friends who need a tutor, I won’t think twice about referring them to you.

Very, very, VERY pleased

I got my results yesterday and I was very, very, VERY pleased. Five A*’s and five A’s overall!! I am so so chuffed and a lot of it was because of your help so thank you soooo much for physics and for maths!!

Very patient and experienced Tutor

Very patient and experienced Tutor! Persephone has really been wonderful with our little girl (who can be a bit shy!) She’s been growing in confidence in her maths and has learned some cool tricks from Persephone. We’re very glad to have Persephone helping us help our daughter.

Simply marvellous tuition

Simply marvellous tuition! Thank you! Ella took another mock GCSE maths paper at school today and using the methods shown to her by Persephone, she feels confident that she has done much better! It is wonderful to see a boost to her confidence. Thank you.

A level maths exams with confidence

I want to thank you again for all your help and the clarity you brought to the topics I struggled with – as I said to you previously, it was a new experience to go into A level maths exams with confidence, and I'm very grateful to you for helping me to reach that point.

Son’s confidence and abilities are growing

Persephone is reliable, highly knowledgeable and dedicated. With Persephone’s help, my son’s confidence and abilities are growing. Many thanks.

Nurturing and enthusiastic educator

Persephone is a composed, warm, nurturing and enthusiastic educator. She has impeccable manners and so has been able to negotiate the intricate relationships with our students, their parents and other teachers. She initiates the changes she wants to see and takes decisive action to remedy curricular, instructional, or behavioural problems. She actively seeks advice and models for her teaching style when presented with unique situations that require care and special preparation. As a tutor and teacher for us from August 2004 to March 2011, she earned my admiration and respect for consistently demonstrating extraordinarily high levels of competence, compassion, creativity and commitment. She loves working with children and is devoted to helping those who need it.

Massive achievement

Hazel got a 4 in Maths, which for her, is a massive achievement. Thank you so much for all you have done for her. She would certainly not have got this results without you!

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